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All the tools you need to run and grow your shop under one roof!


Jaime Barber

"I no longer carry my appointment book. The website does it all for me automatically. Family time is exactly that, family time." 


Jaime Barber


"A nuestros clientes les encanta lo facil q es sacar sus citas"


La Industria de los Barberos

Gianfranco Triscari

"We saw an increase in bookings when working with Jaime and the Tonsorium team. Appreciate everything you do for us!" 

Gianfranco Triscari

The Made Man Barbershop

As a Barbershop owner it's always important to know your numbers and statistics of the shop you run. Know who are your best customers, your regulars, and the ones who show up once a year. Many owners spend thousands of dollars piecing different software together thinking it's going to help them achieve the ultimate dream only to end up frustrated not knowing how to tie it all together and ultimately end up paying an expert to come in and make sense of their marketing data and then execute on it.

As a subscriber to many different programs to bring Tonsorium to the forefront of the industry I can truly share this sentiment with you. That's why we built Tonsorium to make our job a simpler one and have all the data we need right in front of us. Tonsorium is the first of its kind in the Barbering industry.

No more duct taping with multiple subscriptions to unstable apps, do it all under one roof. Your website, the online bookings, Facebook messenger bookings, email and SMS marketing flows, abandoned booking recovery, POS integration, Staff smartphone app, I can go on and on. The features are endless.

There's an API available to extend it's functionality and connect it directly to other apps. If you're not a developer, you can even connect it to Zapier which will allow you to click and connect to thousands of other apps and send data back and forth between them too.  It's a win-win situation.

So cut those apps that been holding you back and unleash yourself free from the chains and implement Tonsorium today.

For the ones who take their online presence serious

Everything you need for your barbershop under one roof. No need to pay for different services and stitch them all together

The Tonsorium Customer Loop

  • Online Bookings
    Let your customers book themselves
  • Booking Reminders
    Reduce no shows with SMS reminders
Hand holding smartphone
  • Review Gathering
    Follow up with your customer to know how was the experience and collect a review in your favorite platform.
  • Follow Ups
    Automatically follow up with your customer to book the next appointment without lifting a finger.

Why Tonsorium is so powerful to manage a Barbershop

RUNNING A SHOP IS HARD, but it's even harder when you don't capture your customers information and don't have any data to make decisions from. Marketing requires data to make informed decisions so you don't end up flushing money down the toilet in your marketing efforts. Tonsorium helps make that a lot easier. Know who your best spenders are, know how many times they've booked appointments, run all kinds of reports and have the data at your fingertips.
Having a slow week at the shop, send out an SMS broadcast with an offer. Sit back and watch your customers book appointments. Want to tell Facebook to find more customers like your best customers? Easy peasy, export a csv file with your biggest spenders and feed it to Facebook. Watch it get you more people who look exactly like your best customers.
You can continue running your shop with a crappy system who let's money slip through the cracks, or you can finally stop the leakage and implement Tonsorium today and take things to the next level.

Tonsorium combines the functionality of the following apps into one:

  • Wix / Squarespace

  • Booksy / Vagaro / The Cut

  • Mailchimp / Active Campaign

  • Manychat / Chatfuel

  • Slick Text / Ez Texting

  • Bird Eye / Reputation Desk

Single Glass Pane Dashboard

The ability to have every aspect of your online presence in the palm of your hands from one single location. No more switching back and forth between apps.

Track all your insights, bookings, customer interactions, email and sms marketing campaign effectiveness, Facebook, Instagram, and Google marketing conversions!

Tonsorium Dashboard

Automated Follow Ups

With Tonsorium you will be able to automatically follow up with customers who perform certain actions in the website automatically. Whether the person hasn't booked an appointment after X amount of days, started booking an appointment and never completed it, birthday campaigns, holiday campaigns, and many more. All done from one central place.

Tonsorium's mission is to help barbers leverage technology to help them increase their revenue without adding more work by automating the process.

We make it easier by automating funnels and flows to create more engaging conversations with prospects and customers to make your life a lot easier.

Still Have Questions?

Reach out to us and let us know. We'll do our best to answer any questions you might have.